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Researchers at Boston University are expanding the horizons of computer science and information technology on a regular basis. As new technologies become increasingly central to the pursuit of business goals, our Computer Science faculty, staff, and students are becoming a significant resource to industry. In the University tradition of open and free dissemination of knowledge, we have been and will always be pleased to support and inform our industrial colleagues. To this end, interest in our resources has reached such a high level that we decided to establish a more formal relationship with our industrial colleagues. 

The Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), established in the Fall of 2000, aims to allow for a better, more efficient, and more effective partnership between Boston University Computer Science (BUCS) and members of the IT industry.

The industrial attention given to BUCS research reflects our department's focus on cutting-edge research topics, including networking, Internet, and the Web; security and cryptography; image and video computing; database technology; programming systems; and operating systems.

The goals of our IAP are to accelerate and streamline the interactions between faculty and industry colleagues; to increase the exposure of students to opportunities for internships and employment in leading established companies as well as in startups; and to facilitate the transfer of technology developed by department faculty. We believe that achieving these goals is in the interest of both our department and our IAP partners.

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