ITS Next talk

When: 5pm Wednesday, Apr 28, 2004
Pizza to follow.

Where: STH B19 (745 Comm Ave)

Life After BU CS

Phil Libin,
President of Corestreet, Ltd.
(fomerly a BU CS undergrad)

For those of you looking for jobs, CoreStreet will likely be hiring this summer.

Phil Libin, president of one of the Boston area's fastest growing software startups, will give a quick interactive talk designed to help recent and future BU CS grads make their way in the professional world.
Focusing on the personal experiences of a small group of BU computer science students from the early and mid nineties, Phil will talk about getting your first full time job and growing that into industry success.
Topics of interest will include an overview of post-bubble growth segments in the software industry, common job interview mistakes and how to minimize the career risks posed by off-shore job outsourcing.

Phil Libin is a successful entrepreneur and public advocate for practical security technology. He has spoken at numerous events including the RSA conference, JavaOne, Security Millennium, Vignette Village and New York State CyberSecurity. Phil's articles on the software industry have been published on C|NET, ZDNet and Aspatore Books. He is the author of a soon-to-be-immensely-popular weblog at

Phil is the president of CoreStreet, Ltd., a Cambridge, MA company specializing in validation for large scale electronic credentials systems. Before CoreStreet, Phil was founder and CEO of Engine 5, a leading Boston-based enterprise software development company acquired by Vignette Corporation in early 2000. At Vignette, Phil served as Principal Architect and Chief Technologist for Applications. Prior to Engine 5, Phil led a number of software consulting and technology projects at ATG, Xchange and EF.