This lecture series brings industry experience to Boston University students.
It is organized and run by the Computer Science department of Boston University (BU-CS) in conjunction with the department's Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP).

The Industry Talks Series (ITS) enables industry to talk directly to students through its leading experts, who will discuss the real issues and current challenges faced by the technologists working in computer-related fields. ITS talks focus on the real-life industrial development projects and experiences, rather than academic research. Thus, ITS complements the BU-CS Colloquium Series, which is a traditional academic colloquium.

The goal of this series is to strengthen the dialogue between the BU-CS community and industry leaders by exposing students, especially undergraduate and MA, to current and future trends in the CS industry, and by demonstrating how the knowledge and skills students gain in the University will benefit them in facing the challenges of the competitive industrial environment.

For the presenters, the series offers an opportunity of direct contacts with the students and a chance to have an impact on their education to better prepare the future work force.

We hope that the talks will foster cooperation between BU-CS and the industry. Such cooperation may take the form of joint projects, internships, and future employment opportunities.