ITS Next talk

When: Thursday February 14, 6pm (coffee at 5:45pm)

Where: MCS 135 (111 Cummington St.)

Internet Information Warfare

Phillip Hallm-Baker
Principal Scientist

Media accounts suggest that Information warfare threatens to become a new form of terrorism.

These media accounts are wrong, information warfare is as old as war itself. Government sponsored information warfare has taken place on the Internet since 1990. Irridentist, Anarchist and Fascist groups have been using the Internet for even longer. Politically motivated attacks on computer networks predate the Internet.

In this talk the speaker will draw upon his personal experience of investigating these attacks and outline strategies that democratic societies can take to protect what has become a critical infrastructure.


Dr. Phillip Hallam-Baker has been a principal contributor to many specifications including HTTP, XKMS and SAML. Currently Principal Scientist at VeriSign Inc., Dr Hallam-Baker is responsible for the development of technology to secure Web Services. He is an active participant in the IETF PKIX, DNSEXT (DNS SEC) and XML Signature working groups.Before joining VeriSign Dr. Hallam-Baker was a Research Scientist at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and at the World Wide Web Consortium. He is a former European Union Fellow and CERN Fellow.
His is a Fellow of the British Computer Society.