ITS Past talk

When: Thursday Nov.8, 2001 6pm (coffee at 5:45)

Where: MCS 135 (111 Cummington St.)

Creating Solutions for a Small Planet

Charles Pau
Director, Globalization Architecture and Technology

The Internet transcends geographic distance and national boundaries. A
website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, by people from many
different cultural background speaking many different languages. A web
application not only has to work with English, French, Japanese, Chinese,
Russian, and other languages, it has to work with the simultaneously.

There are certain principles in designing such applications and certain
technical knowledge required in developing them. These skills, while
recognized as highly valuable by many companies, are not generally covered
in a computer science curriculum.

The presentation will discuss some of the design principles and the latest
technology for creating global applications.

Charles Pau is currently Director, Globalization Architecture and
Technology at IBM Corporation. He works with all the divisions within IBM
to help them design products that will work in the global market. He is
also responsible for the development of certain linguistic technologies
that span different products. He formerly served as Director of
International Product Management at the Lotus Software Divison of IBM where
he was responsible for bringing the language versions of Lotus products to
markets all over the world. He also served as Director of Asia Product
Development for Lotus in Singapore. Prior to joining Lotus, he was
Director of Asia Pacific Development Center for Cullinet Software, Inc. and
held a number of regional managment positions for Data General Corporation
in Hong Kong. He received a B.S.E.E. and a M.S. from Rice University in
Houston, Texas.