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Flat Router-level Models

BRITE contains a class RouterModel derived from the Model class. The idea of having such a class is to separate models that generate router-level topologies, from models specific to other environments (AS, LANs, etc). Keep in mind that the intrinsic details of any of the provided models do not represent a limitation with respect to the flexibility offered by BRITE. If none of the available individual models satisfy the requirements of a specific simulation environment, one could combine existing models or create a completely new model and integrate it into BRITE.

The router-level models currently provided with BRITE are called RouterWaxman (Section 3.4.3) and RouterBarabasiAlbert (3.4.4). These models share certain functionality. Specifically, both models place the nodes in the same way into the plane, and once the topology has been fully generated, they both assign bandwidth attributes to the links in the same way. They mainly differ in the network growth model and the node interconnection method used.


Alberto Medina 2001-04-12