Boston University
BA/MA program in Computer Science
BA/MA Program in Computer Science

This program allows you to earn a Master's degree by adding only one semester to your normal four-year undergraduate program. If you have enough prior college-level coursework (such as AP or IB credits), you may even be able to complete the program in four years.

The program is designed for highly qualified students. You must apply during your junior year (the deadline varies, so plan in advance, especially if you will achieve junior standing early) and must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in computer science with an overall average of 3.0. You must have completed at least three computer science courses on level 200 or above.

The program requires 36 courses total (four fewer than the 40 courses that would be required if the BA and the MA were earned separately). You must complete all CAS undergraduate requirements (including the CS major) and all the CS Master's degree requirements (which generally means eight additional CS courses and a Master's project; see here for a worksheet). A course cannot be double-counted for the undegraduate CS major and the Master's program.

For more information, contact Professor Wayne Snyder, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at the end of your sophomore or the beginning of your junior year.