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John W. Byers

Professor of
Computer Science
Fellow of the Hariri Institute

E-mail: byers @ cs . bu . edu
On Sabbatical Leave 2013 - 2014.

The boys, Bali Bird (and Reptile) Park.


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        On sabbatical AY 2013-2014!

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  Courses I Teach:
        CS 330 - Intro to Algorithms (Last taught: Spring '13)
        CS 112 - Intro to Data Structures (Spring '12)
        CS 455/655 - Computer Networks (Fall '10)
        CS 559 - Algorithmic Aspects of Computer Networks (Spring '10)
        CS 591 - Electronic Commerce (Fall '12)
        CS 697 - Computer Science Graduate Initiation Course (Spring '10)

  NRG:   The Networks Research Group at Boston University meets regularly on Monday mornings. All are welcome.


My main research interests are in designing algorithms, conducting measurements and building systems in networking, electronic commerce, and large-scale data management. I'm a member of the Networks Research group and I regularly collaborate with several members of the Data Management Group @ BU.

My academic research is currently supported in part by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Hariri Institute at Boston University, and by a Google Faculty Research Award.

As Chief Scientist at Cogo Labs, I've been working on a fascinating problem domain since the company's founding in 2005: the algorithmic, data management, and systems-building challenges that arise on the buy side of pay-per-click advertising, a canonical Big Data optimization problem.

I've also collected a few useful pointers to helpful advice for prospective or current graduate students.