Electronic Submission Guidelines (Note: E-mailed assignments or printed assignments will not be graded.)

Suppose your homework 3 is in files sort.doc, sort.script, sort.cpp. Put them into a subdirectory named 03. (For homework 10, the name should be 10.) Go into the parent directory of the 03 subdirectory. Type:
 gsubmit cs113 03
You must be on csa, using your own account when you turn in the homework, otherwise this will not work. To check that the submitted homework has been received, write
 gsubmit cs113 -ls
This will show what files you have submitted. You are responsible for checking that this process works for you and to ask for help from the TF's if it does not. For other uses of the gsubmit program (deleting submitted files, looking at submitted files for graders' marks), type
 man gsubmit
You can resubmit any files any number of times (you will have to remove the old submission having the same name), but the time of your new submission will be recorded. The grade for your homework 03 will appear in the same submission directory, in a file called GRADE-03.
What to turn in
 You will be told exactly the names of the files that can be submitted, and the subdirectories into which they must be submitted. gsubmit will not accept files with the wrong name or in the wrong directory. It may happen that some of the files gsubmit complains about are invisible to you unless you type
 ls -a
since they were created by some program like emacs and their names begin with a dot. Still, if gsubmit complains, you must delete these files.