Midterm Study Guide

The exam will be closed book  but you are allowed to bring a crib sheet (a normal-sized  8.5x11 in paper). Preparing a crib sheet is a useful study tool; it helps you to review and organize the material before the test. Your crib sheet should be written out (no mechanical or electronic reproductions are allowed). If you use a crib sheet, you will be asked to turn it in with your test.

Format of the exam:

There will be two types of questions on the exam -- those which ask you to write a small piece of code (function, class definition, etc.) and those which ask you to specify what a small piece of code outputs.

1) From the Deitel and Deitel Book: Chapters 1 to 7, without the Case studies and excluding also sections 3.21, 6.17 and 7.9
In short, you have to study:

2) The handout on recursion

Some problems of last year's exam or other similar problems there.