CS-235. Problem Set 3



  1. Ex.2.1
  2. Extra credit: Ex.2.2-2.6 (highly recommended!!! these are very useful definitely try to do all of them!)
  3. Ex.2.11
  4. Ex.2.12 a,b; extra credit: c
  5. Die Hard: At the fountain there are two  strange shaped jugs. Their capacities are 5 gallons and 3 gallons. You must  fill one of the jugs with exactly 1 gallon and place it on the scale two prevent a bomb from exploding. You must be perfectly precise and no other tools are allowed (Simon is watching). The lives of thousands are in your hands (and brains).
    How about if you were give 5- and 7- gallon jugs but still needed to measure exactly 1 gallon?
    What about 4- and 6- gallon jugs?


  1. 3.1
  2. 3.4
  3. 3.10
  4. Extra Credit 3.6