Grading (tentative)

The course grade will be approximately 60% homework, 15% midterm, 25% final.
I reserve the right to deviate from this formula in some cases.

You should monitor your performance during the course by checking the class statistics: if you find yourself consistantly below average - then you should be concerned; if you find yourself often one standard deviation or more below average - you are in trouble; and if you are often more than two standard deviations below average - you are heading for a failure. In most cases your problem can be fixed if you promptly seek help (from the TF or myself).

If you are unsure of your performance in the class, please come and talk to me. Remember that the last day to drop a class without a W is Friday, February 16, 2007. The last day to drop a class with a W is Friday, March 9, 2007. After that, you must receive a real grade for the course. It is your responsibility to talk to me before these dates if you may need to drop the course to avoid receiving a low grade. I am powerless to change these university-wide rules about drop dates.

Late assignments:

No late assignments will be accepted, unless pre-arranged with me prior to the deadline.

Regrading Policy:

  1. Attempts to cheat on this will be reported. See Academic Conduct.
  2. If you find a possible grading error, or just have a question abou the grading, please submit to me (or the TF) the homework with a brief note containing your question/request - the homework with the note will be passsed to the grader. Then you will receive the grader's response. In most cases this is sufficient and clarifies the issue. However, if you are still unhappy about the grade, you can complain to me directly. At that point I will regrade the hw completely - this may result in the grade change in either direction. Please do inform me of any problems you may have with the grading (or the course in general) at the earliest time possible, so I can address the problems in a timely fashion.