Course Mailing List

The course mailing list is named cs235 (managed by IT's majordomo engine).

If you are taking the course, you must subscribe to the list. This list is used for

  1. Course announcements (all course announcements will be sent to this list, and you might not see them elsewhere)
  2. Questions: If you have a course-related question, you should send it to the list - then whoever knows the answer should feel free to reply. Both myself and the TF are subscribed to the list, and will try to answer in the most timely manner (and/or confirm/modify/correct the previous answers). A student-led discussion can actually be very productive.
    If you have a question but are shy to ask it publicly, you can email me and/or TF, and we will typically (unless you specifically request otherwise) reply to the class list removing all personally identifying information - this way all students will have the same information, and yet your privacy will be preserved.
  3. Discussions: You can also use the list for any course-related discussions or other communications (e.g. arrange study groups, etc.).

 All course announcements will be sent to this list. In addition,


To subscribe yourself to the course mailing list - log into csa or csb and type:

csmail -a cs235

To send e-mail to the course mailing list, use the e-mail address:


(ignoring the underscores, of course)

The program csmail is a BU CS department's local tool - this is why you must be on one of the department's computers, logged in on your CS account for it to subscribe you.