Joyce Friedman

Boston University                    (617) 353-5227 Office
111 Cummington Street Rm. 288        (617) 353-8919 Department
Boston, MA 02215                     (617) 353-6457 FAX

Spring term office hours: Friday 10-12, or by appointment

Research Interests

My interests are in mathematical and computational logic and linguistics. In computational logic I developed and implemented decision procedures for solvable cases in first-order logic. My work in computational linguistics began in the MITRE transformational grammar parser project, and continued with the development of a computer system for writing and testing transformational grammars, as described in my monograph, A COMPUTER MODEL OF TRANSFORMATIONAL GRAMMAR (Elsevier, 1971). Later work includes formal studies in Montague grammar and (with Warren and Moran) a computational treatment of both syntax and semantics in natural language by means of categorial grammar. My research continues to be in computer modelling of linguistic theories.

Personal History

I was educated at Wellesley College, Radcliffe Colllege, and Harvard University.

I began my academic career in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. After a few years I moved to the Department of Computer and Communication Sciences at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Since 1982 I have lived in Cambridge, and been on the faculty of Boston University.

My professional affiliations are: ACM (former chair of SIGLASH, the Special Interest Group of Language and Studies in the Humanities), , ACL (former President), AAAS (I am a Fellow of the AAAS and former chair of Section T), Association for Symbolic Logic, and the American Mathematical Society.