Weekly Schedule

The following is a tentative schedule. Against each weekly topic is a list of competencies matching the NSF/NIH Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) requirements. All students supported on an NSF or NIH grant must satisfy the RCR requirement. The aim is for this course to meet this requirement.

Week #


RCR Competencies*

Week 1
Introduction: On being a graduate student in computer science
Week 2
Choosing and managing a relationship with your advisor
 [1], [5]
Week 3
Identifying and reading research papers
Week 4
Reviewing research papers
 [1], [4], [8]
Week 5
Writing research papers, and being and effective writer
Week 6
Presenting research work: how to be a good communicator  [1-3], [6-7]
Week 7
Tools of the Trade: resources to help prepare papers and conduct research [2]
Week 8
Experimental design and data analysis
[2], [6-7]
Week 9
Academic conduct: truth in reporting and conflict of interest
[1], [6-7]
Week 10
Whose idea is it? Acknowledging and building on other work, or just plain plagiarism?
[1], [5-8]
Week 11
Finding resources: BU library facilities, online materials, and the greater research community
Week 12
Life after your PhD: Finding a job, academic careers versus industry and research labs
[1], [6]

*RCR Competency Key:
[1] Mentor/Trainee Responsibilities
[2] Data acquisition, Management, Sharing and Ownership
[3] Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship
[4] Peer Review
[5] Collaborative Science
[6] Research Ethics and the Role of the Scientist
[7] Research Misconduct
[8] Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

The list of student-led discussions falls across 7 of the above 12 weeks and can be found here in pdf form.

Slides for student presentations are included below: