CS/MA 109 - The Art and Science of Quantitative Reasoning

Fall, 2017

Instructors, Teaching Fellow, Lab Sections, and Syllabus

Instructor: Richard Glen Hall
      Email: rockford@bu.edu
      Office: MCS 267
      Office Hours:
See here

Instructor: Wayne Snyder
      Email: snyder@cs.bu.edu
      Office: MCS 290
      Office Hours: W 3-6pm

      Tutoring Hours: T 7:30-10:30pm Rich Hall Cinema Room

Teaching Fellow: Xin Lu
      Email: xl@bu.edu

Discussion Sections:
      A2: M 9:05--9:55am (CAS 222)
      A3: M 12:20--1:10pm (CAS 116)
      A4: M 1:25--2:15pm (CAS 428)
      A5: T 8:00--8:50am (MCS B25)

Final Exam: Tuesday, 12/19/16 from 3-5pm in SED 130 (lecture room).


Lecture Slides and Materials (PDF):