CS 237 - Probability in Computing

Summer Term One, 2015

Instructor and Lecture

Teaching Fellow and Lab Sections

Instructor:Wayne Snyder
      Email: snyder@cs.bu.edu
      Office: MCS 147
      Office Hours: M, T, W 7-9pm

      Cell Phone: 617-966-(10^2+41) (email vastly preferred)

Teaching Fellow: TBA
      Email: TBA

     Office: TBA
      Office Hours: TBA

Discussion Sections:


  • Welcome to CS 237, Summer Term One, 2015; Readings are posted below in the schedule.
  • Link to Mathematics for Computer Science (online textbook) is to the right.



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Lecture Topic
Readings, from M for CS unless otherwise noted
Practice Problems, Notes & Misc.
1 T 5/19 Administrative matters; Goals of the course; Motivating Examples


2 W 5/20 The Monty Hall Problem. Percentages and probabilities; Set theory (e.g., Venn Diagrams) as a model for Sample Spaces and Events.

Chapter One from "The Drunkard's Walk": PDF ;

The Monty Hall Problem (from the movie "21")

MforCS Sections 16.1, 16.2, and 16.5

Homework 01: HTML

Homework 01 Solution: HTML

3 R 5/21 Techniques of Counting and their applications to Probability Theory Techniques of Counting from Schaum's: PDF

Homework 02: HTML

Homework 02 Solution: HTML

Programming Project 1: HTML