Class Meetings
Lectures: Tue, Thu 2:00-3:30 BRB 121

Instructor: Peter Gacs
Office Hours: Tue 3:30-5, Fri 11-12:30 or by appointment.
Coordinates:, MCS-277, 617-353-2015

Teaching Assistant: Ashwin Thangali
Lab Hours: Mon 11-12 (MCS-B31)
Office Hours: Wed 4-5:30
Coordinates:, 358-1139, MCS-263


General description
Basic concepts and algorithms for manipulation of algebraic objects, such as residues, matrices, polynomials. Applications to some areas of computer science (cryptography, fault-tolerance). The course emphasizes rigorous reasoning and analysis, and the skills for manipulating abstractions. (Counts as a CS Background course for the CS concentration.)

There are no prerequisites, but MA 123 (Calculus) and CS 232 (Geometric algorithms) are recommended.