Steve Homer

Computer Science Department
Boston University

Steve Homer is a Professor of Computer Science in The College of Arts and Sciences, and a member of RISCS, The Center for Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security, and of the Center for Computational Science. His research interests are in theoretical computer science, specifically complexity theory, quantum computing, learning theory, and parallel and probabilistic algorithms. Here is a short biography.

Recent Research

Current research is in three areas of theoretical computer science, complexity theory, quantum computing and experimental algorithms. Some Selected Papers in these areas are available. The Boston area Friday Theory Seminar is organized has talks many Fridays at 2:00.

2014-2015 Teaching

  • CS 330, Undergraduate Algorithms - Fall 2014
  • CS 530, Graduate Algorithms - Spring 2015
  • CS 591 Programmable Smart Machines - Spring 2015

    Computability and Complexity Theory, second edition by Steven Homer and Alan L. Selman, Springer Verlag NY, 2011

    Phone: 617-353-8927
    FAX:   617-353-6457
    Office: MCS 281