CAS Academic Conduct Code

Course participants must adhere to the CAS Academic Conduct Code. All instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the academic conduct committee.

Collaboration/Academic Honesty

Cooperation is recommended in understanding various concepts and system features. But the actual solution of the assignments must be your individual work, except for what you specifically credit to other sources. (Your grade will be based on your own contribution.) For example, copying without attribution any part of someone else's proof or code is plagiarism, even if you modify it and even if the source is a textbook. The University takes acts of cheating and plagiarism very seriously: first time violators are routinely suspended for a semester.

Whenever you submit a piece of academic work and sign your name to it, you are verifying that this work is the result of your own intellectual efforts; it is Plagiarism to submit work solely under your own name in which:

In this course, you will do all of your work alone; in other clases, you may work as part of a team. In any case, you must specify precisely the authorship of the content of your submission. In particular, you must always provide proper attribution of authorship by naming all persons, books, or resources that provided intellectual content towards the final result. In some cases, you will need to describe the extend of the contribution, particularly when literally copying the words or artistic artifacts of another. To fail to provide proper attribution is plagiarism. Plagiarism demeans the seriousness of what we do in class, and does not allow you as a student to obtain a fair grade for the results you worked hard for.

I will discuss the issue of plagiarism with the grader, and use, when appropriate, automated tools to check submitted programs and files for copying. I don't like to be involved in this, but it is necessary in order to provide a fair environment for your work. In cases of suspected plagiarism, I will discuss the matter with the student(s) involved and, when warrented, submit the case to the Academic Conduct Committee. Please take this issue serious and talk to me if you have any concerns or questions.