Course Schedule (tentative)

Books: "St" = Stallings 4th edition
Optional: "R"=Rescorla (SSL&TLS); "S"=Schneier (Applied Crypto); "F"=Forouzan

Lecture Readings
Jan. 15 Administrativia; Introduction,
Crypto overview

 St:1;  R:1-2, S:2-3; F:1;
Review  St:4,8 or S:11, F:2 (can skip 2.3);
Survey F: Appendix C, network basics (or here, or your favorite text)

  20  SSL intro    St:17.1-2; R:3; S:22.1; F: 17.1-2; 
  27  Crypto background

PS0 due Feb.3; Survey St:2; F:3;
Review St:4,8; F:4 slide
(esp. 11.3) 

      Wednesday, January 28: Last Day to ADD Classes
Feb 3  Public key encryption and signatures, RSA  St:9; F:9; S:19.1,3,5
  10  DH key establishment, certificates
St:14.2, 15.1;
R:3; S:8.12, S:24.9; F:9;
  17  Advanced SSL  Feb.17 - no class
PS1 due Feb.19
      Thursday, February 19: Last Day to DROP Classes (without 'W')
Change from Credit to Audit Status
  24   Review;
DSS sig's; DLog attacks

F:10; S:19.6; 20.1-2,4; 11.6
March 3  RSA, OAEP  PS2 due March 3
      Monday, March 30: Last Day to DROP Classes (with a 'W')
  Spring Break: March 7-15
  17 More Signatures;  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)  
  24  Midterm; Hashing, Merkle Trees,
   Authenticated Dictionaries (and here)
 PS3 due March 24
S:7; 18 (esp. sec.1,5-7)
  31 Shared key encryption: DES
PS4 due March 31 
St:3; S:12;
Rijndael; St:5-6; S:9; 15.1-2;
April 7  Symmetric key distribution: Kerberos Kerberos; St: 7,14;16, R:11.5-25(esp. R:11.5-10);

No class on Thursday Apr. 9

  14 IPSEC, VPNs;
Intruders, IDS, Firewalls
 St: 18, 20, R:11.1-4; 4.9; S:24.5
Firewalls FAQ
PS5 due Apr. 14

No class on Thursday Apr. 16

. 21  Wireless, PGP, other protocols  
  28  Review  Apr.30: Last class
May 5  Final: Tuesday May 5