Grading (subject to change)

Programming projects 50%
Labs 10%
Midterm 15%
Final 25% (comprehensive)

Incompletes will not be given.

Tests are closed-book.

Late Homework Policy

Programming assignments are due typically due midnight on Mondays. Note: Under no circumstances will late assignments be accepted. This is a fast-paced course with programming assignments due each week. If you miss the assignment deadline, then move on. Get started on the next assignment.

Regrading Policy

  1. If you submit the wrong file or a file with the wrong filename, this includes submission of an empty directory, submission of an executable, etc., then 50% will be taken off from your original grade. Note: In such cases you will be required to show a proof that your source file has a last modification date prior to the submission deadline. Note: attempts to cheat on this will be reported. See Academic Conduct.
  2. If you submit a file that includes other functions such as main(), or includes inappropriate header files, or does not include appropriate standard header files, all of which will generate compile error and/or warning messages to the grader, then 20 points will be taken off your original grade.
  3. If you ask to regrade your homework and the grader founds no basis for your complaint, then 10 points will be taken off your original grade. Note: This is not to say that we discourage you from disputing your grade, but rather we encourage you to read and understand the comments in your grade file, and run your programs on other test cases, before complaining.
This policy will be strictly enforced, however if your case does not fall neatly into one of these categories, it will be handled separately, and will possibly be included in a revised version of this policy.