BU CLA MA 531: Computability and Logic

Fall 1995

Course Policy


(1) Homework assignments, between 45% and 50% of final grade.

(2) Midterm exam (one-hour), between 20% and 25%.

(3) End-of-term exam (two-hour), between 25% and 30%.

Final grade for the course is not based on a "curve", i.e. it is possible that the average final grade for the whole class will be an A- or a B+ just as it is possible that it will be a C or a C-.

Schedule of Homework Assignments:

Problems will be assigned every week. All problems assigned one week are due at the end (Friday) of the following week. Homework problems returned after their due date will not be graded.

Collaboration in Homework Assigments:

Accepted, provided it is acknowledged. If you have a joint solution for a homework problem, mention the name of your partner at the beginning of the solution you hand in.

Work Expected from Average Student:

3 hours of lecture per week + 9 hours of studying on your own per week (reviewing lecture notes, homework problems, additional material) -- for a total of 12 hours per week.

Class Attendance:

Not required. Performance entirely based on (1), (2) and (3) in the grading policy, and not on class attendance. However, past experience shows that students performing best are those attending classes regularly.

Assaf Kfoury
Created: 1995.09.07
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