Session IV: Network Support for Next Generation Applications
Chair: Ibrahim Matta

This session will discuss network services needed to effectively support next-generation applications.

Henning Schulzrinne will discuss scalable network management and fault detection methods for real-time applications. He will highlight the need for better methods to locate faults, given that existing management protocols such as SNMP aren't particularly useful for large-scale multimedia applications.

Bala Rajagopalan will discuss practical issues in the development and deployment of constraint-based unicast and multicast routing mechanisms. He will describe the role of these mechanisms in the overall QoS framework of the Next-Generation Internet and the current developments in the Internet protocol areas that facilitate the deployment of these mechanisms. He will present a flexible methodology for constraint-based routing.

John Zinky will discuss the need for a network resource status service. This service would allow a distributed application to know the expected network performance BEFORE it starts to use resources, so that it can choose among several alternatives or know when to switch to a new alternative. John will describe a network resource status service, how applications could use the service within the BBN Quality Objects (QuO) framework, options on how to implement such a service, and experience with several proto-type implementations, including CMU Remos.