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People in ACES

You may browse the list of current members of ACES and its alumni. The name of each member serves as a link to their home page, if known to us. Next to the name, there is the member's email address, if known to us. Email addresses are not to be used verbatim, in order to avoid spam.


Gene Itkis (itkis <at> bu <dot> edu)

Leonid Reyzin (reyzin <at> bu <dot> edu)

Doctoral students

Chun-Yun Hsiao (cyhsiao <at> bu <dot> edu)

Peng Xie (xp <at> bu <dot> edu)

Robert McNerney (robmcn <at> bu <dot> edu)

Scott Russell (srussell <at> bu <dot> edu)

Nenad Dedić (nenad <at> bu <dot> edu)

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