Boston Universtiy Student Graphics Group
Meeting times: Thursdays @ 7:00pm in CAS326

News - 04.11.05

We're back!

The BU Graphics Group is finally going to be up and running again. Our first meeting in which we will determine the course and the goal of the group will be on April 14th at 7:00pm in CAS326. We will be showing a few of our favorite CG clips on the projector. If you are interested in film, computer animation, computer modeling, video games, or just cool art, you might want to come down and check it out.

We have a number of options when it comes to the focus of the group, and we would also like to hear your ideas. So far we are thinking about possibly doing a short film, all learning how to model in Maya, taking field trips to cool graphics companies, looking into graphics for video games, or creating a Half-life 2 map of part of Boston University and using the advanced scripting capabilities to make an interactive tour that the university could later use.

Come to the first meeting, see some neat CG films, and throw out some of your ideas. See you there.