Fall Schedule, 2003

Time : Monday, 4pm

Recent Colloquium Announcements

Date Speaker Paper
Dhiman Barman "Model-based Identification of Dominant Congested Links", Wei Wei, Bing Wang, Don Towsley and Jim Kurose. To appear in Internet Measurement Conference, 2003
Talk Abstract.
Gu-In Kwon "ROMA: Reliable Overlay Multicast with Loosely Coupled TCP Connections",Kwon, Gu-In; Byers, John.
Talk Abstract , Slides
Manish Sharma "Sketch-based Change Detection: Methods, Evaluation, and Applications" B. Krishnamurthy, S. Sen, Y. Zhang, Y.Chen. To appear in the Proceedings of Internet Measurement Conference, 2003
NOTE: The variant of the data structure discussed in this paper is based on the original data structure described in a previous paper titled: Surfing Wavelets on Streams: One-Pass Summaries for Approximate Aggregate Queries. Anna C. Gilbert, Yannis Kotidis, S. Muthukrishnan, Martin J. Strauss. The paper is available here
Talk Abstract
Mina Guirguis "On the Efficiency and Fairness of Transmission Control Loops: A Case for Exogenous Losses" Mina Guirguis, Azer Bestavros and Ibrahim Matta. BU Technical Report.
NOTE: In addition to covering the technical report, the talk will also include some more recent and relevant material.
Talk Abstract
Jeffrey Considine "A Case for Testbed Embedding Services" Jeffrey Considine, John W. Byers, Ketan Mayer-Patel (UNC).
Talk Abstract
Columbus Day
No Meeting
Liying Tang "Virtual Landmarks for the Internet" Liying Tang and Mark Crovella, Boston University. Paper to appear in IMC 2003
Talk Abstract
NRG cancelled
Yuting Zhang " Adaptive Overload Control for Busy Internet Servers" Matt Welsh and David Culler. In Proceedings of the 4th USENIX Conference on Internet Technologies and Systems (USITS'03), March 2003.
Talk Abstract
NRG cancelled
Boston Uinversity Holiday No Meeting
Brad Karp
Intel Research and CMU
DHTs as Building Blocks for Systems Great and Small: Data-Centric Storage for Sensornets and OpenHash, a Public DHT Service for the Internet.
This is joint work with Deborah Estrin, Ramesh Govindan, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Scott Shenker, Li Yin, and Fang Yu.
Talk Abstract
Nahur Fonseca "Is the Round-trip Time Correlated with the Number of Packets in Flight?"S. Biaz and N. H. Vaidya, In Proceedings of IMC 2003.
"Variability in TCP Round-trip Times"J. Aikat J. Kaur F. Smith and K. Jeffay In Proceedings of IMC 2003.
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