Fall Schedule, 2005

Time: Thursdays, 11am

Place: Graduate Lounge (MCS 2nd floor)

Recent Colloquium Announcements

Date Speaker Paper
09/22/05 Parminder Chhabra
PISA:Automatic Extraction of Traffic Signatures by P.Chhabra, A. John and H. Saran, Appeared in Networking 2005
09/29/05 Nikos Laoutaris
The Breakdown of the Object Placement Problem: Walking the path form NP-Hard to a Closed-Form Solution N. Laoutaris, Submitted
10/06/05 Vijay Erramilli
"Pocket Switched Networks: Is that a packet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"James Scott, Ben Hui, Christophe Diot, Presented at Seminar on Delay-Tolerant Networking Dagstuhl, 2005
10/13/05 Nahur Fonseca
"An Information-Theoretic approach to Network Monitoring and Measurement"Yong Liu, Don Towsley, Tao Ye, Jean Bolot, Appeared in IMC 2005
10/20/05 Hany Morcos
"Modeling Epidemic Information Dissemination on mobile devices with finite buffers" Christoph Lindemann, Oliver P. Waldhorst, Appeared at ACM Sigmetrics 2005
10/27/05 Paul Barford
Toward Self-Directed Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention , Paul Barford et al.
11/03/05 Kanishka Gupta
Network Anomography , Yin Zhang, Zihui Ge, Albert Greenberg, Matthew Roughan, Appeared in IMC 2005
12/01/05 George Zervas
Path Vector Face Routing:Geographic Routing with Face Information Ben Leong, Sayan Mitra and Barbara Liskov, Appeared in ICNP 005
12/08/05 Christophe Diot
Forwarding in Pocket Switched Networks Augustin Chaintreau, Pan Hui, Jon Crowcroft, Christophe Diot, Richard Gass, James Scott
12/15/05 Jorge Londono
A Solver for the Network Testbed Mapping Problem Robert Ricci,Chris Alfeld, Jay Lepreau, Appeared in SIGCOMM CCR 2003

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