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Schedule for Fall 2007

September 24, 2007
Bryan Parno, Dan Wendlandt, Elaine Shi, Adrian Perrig, Bruce Maggs, Yih-Chun Hu
Title: Portcullis: Protecting Connection Setup from Denial-of-Capability Attacks
Speaker: Nahur Fonseca
[ pdf ]

October 1, 2007
Michiardi, Pietro; Ramachandran, Krishna; Sikdar, Biplap
Title: "Modeling and Analysis of Seed Scheduling Strategies in a BitTorrent Network"
Speaker: Flavio Esposito
[ pdf]

October 15, 2007
Title: "How to own a cellular network in your spare time, and what data mining has to do with it"
Speaker: Jean Bolot - Sprint Labs

October 22, 2007
Arnaud Legout (INRIA), Nikitas Liogkas, Eddie Kohler, Lixia Zhang (UCLA)
Title: "Clustering and Sharing Incentives in BitTorrent Systems"
Speaker: Jorge LondoƱo
[ pdf ]

November 5, 2007
Work in progress presentations:
  • Sowmya Manjanatha - Active Location Verification Using RF Jamming
  • Marisa Affonso Vasconcelos - Extracting Location from Contact Traces

November 26, 2007
Chen Ding - University of Rochester and MIT
Title: "Locality and Parallelism: Old Problems in a New Era"

December 3, 2007
Elliot Anshelevich, Anirban Dasgupta, Jon Kleinberg , Eva Tardos, Tom Wexler and Tim Roughgarden
Title: "The Price of Stability for Network Design with Fair Cost Allocation"
Speaker: Josheph Akinwumi
[ pdf ]
December 14, 2007 @ 11am
Title: "Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks"
Speaker: Agustin Chaintreau