Spring Schedule, 2004

Time : Monday, 4pm

Place: Graduate Lounge in the Graduate Research Lab, 2nd floor of MCS

Recent Colloquium Announcements

Date Speaker Paper
01/26/04 Dhiman Barman "TCP Optimization through FEC, ARQ and Transmission Power Tradeoffs" D. Barman, I. Matta, E. Altman, and R.Azouzi, WWIC 2004.
"TCP Throughput Analysis under Transmission Error and Congestion Losses" F. Baccelli and Ki. Kim, INFOCOM 2004.
Talk Abstract
3:00 PM
Gary Wong Motes/Sensor net programming (Part 1 )
An introduction covering the Mote hardware, NesC programming language and TinyOS operating system. The talk will also discuss the radio stack and multihop communication.
3:00 PM
Gary Wong Motes/Sensor net programming (Part 2 )
This talk will go into more detail on advanced NesC programming and also cover power management and over-the-air reprogramming.
Monday's Schedule
Niky Riga "An Energy Efficient Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks" Seema Bandyopadhyay, Edward J. Coyle. INFOCOM 2003.
Talk Abstract
NRG re-scheduled
Danny Raz Ensuring End-to-End QoS in the DiffServe Model - Feasibility and Efficiency
Talk Abstract
3/1/04 Anukool Lakhina "Structural Analysis of Network Traffic Flows" Anukool Lakhina, Dina Papagiannaki, Mark Crovella, Christophe Diot, Eric D. Kolaczyk and Nina Taft.
Talk Abstract
3/8/04 Spring Break No Meeting
3/15/04 No Meeting
3/22/04 Dhiman Barman "Model-based Loss Inference by TCP over Heterogeneous Networks" Dhiman Barman and Ibrahim Matta
To appear in WiOpt'04: Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks
Talk Abstract
3/29/04 Bianca Schroeder Talk Abstract
4/5/04 Vijay Erramilli "Rule-Based Models for Emergent Phenomena in Networks: The Whys and Hows" Vijay Erramilli and Ashok Erramilli, Under submission and prior joining BU
Talk Abstract
4/12/04 Kanishka Gupta "An Implicit Prioritized Access Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks" Marco Caccamo, Lynn Y. Zhang, Lui Sha and Giorgio Buttazzo. In the 23rd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium
"Contention-Free Periodic Message Scheduler Medium Access Control in Wireless Sensor / Actuator Networks"Thomas W. Carley, Moussa A. Ba, Rajeev Barua and David B. Stewart. In the 24th IEEE International Real-Time Systems Symposium
Talk Abstract
Monday's Schedule
Allen Downey TCP Self-clocking Allen Downey, Olin College. This work is under submission.
Talk Abstract
4/26/04 Sensor Network Seminar
Project Presentations (I)
"Context-Aware Real Time Scheduling" Kanishka Gupta
"On the heterogeneity and stability of Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks" Georgios Smaragdakis
"Join Processing over Data Streams" Feifei Li
5/3/04 Sensor Network Seminar
Project Presentations (II)
"Density aware Aggregation in Sensor Networks" Niky Riga
"An Efficient End-host Architecture for Internet Scale Real-time Sensor network using User-level Sandboxing" Xin Qi
"Sharing Simple Features for Event Detection in Sensor Networks" William Mullally
"Analytical Models for Aggregation" Vijay Erramilli

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