Spring Schedule, 2005

Time: Mondays, 4pm

Place: Graduate Lounge (MCS 2nd floor)

Recent Colloquium Announcements

Date Speaker Paper
2/7/05 Informal discussion
Can ISPs take the heat from Overlay Networks? appeared at Hotnets III
2/14/05 Karim Mattar
A First-Principles Approach to Understanding the Internet's Router-level Topology" appeared at SIGCOMM 2004 (Talk's abstract)
4/4/05 Chong Wang
"Relevance of Massively Distributed Explorations of the Internet Topology: Simulation Results"INFOCOM 2005 (Talk's abstract)
2/28/05 Alia Atlas
IP Fast-Reroute: An Analysis of Applicability to a Core Network (Talk's abstract)
4/4/05 Informal discussion
"Remote physical device fingerprinting" by Tadayoshi Kohno et al
4/11/05 Informal discussion
E2E-Vision report written by D. Clark, C. Partridge, R. Braden and B. Davie
5/2/05 Nikos Laoutaris
Distributed Self Replication (Talk's abstract)
5/16/05 John Byers
Unveiling Hidden Topologies: Applications, Algorithms and Measurements (Talk's abstract)

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