Summer Schedule, 2004

Time CHANGED: Tuesday, 4pm

Place: Graduate Lounge in the Graduate Research Lab, 2nd floor of MCS

Recent Colloquium Announcements

Date Speaker Paper
5/10/04 No NRG NRG Break
5/17/04 Alberto Medina Measuring the Evolution of Transport Protocols in the Intertnet
Talk Abstract
5/24/04 Anukool Lakhina "Diagnosing Network-Wide Traffic Anomalies" Anukool Lakhina with Mark Crovella and Christophe Diot. This work will appear in SIGCOMM 2004.
Talk Abstract
5/31/04 No NRG Holiday
6/8/04 Students' Organizational Meeting
11 AM
Suman Banerjee Wide-area Wireless: Where do we go from here?
Talk Abstract
6/15/04 No NRG Sigmetrics week
6/22/04 Nahur Fonseca A Framework for Classifying Denial of Service Attacks Alefiya Hussain, John Heidemann, and Christos Papadopoulos. In SIGCOMM 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany. (40 mins)(slides ppt)
Short Organizational meeting (20 mins).
7/13/04 Abhishek Sharma
Vijay Erramilli
Worms: attacks, defenses and models (slides 1 pdf) (slides 2 pdf)
7/20/04 Dah-Ming Chiu Some analysis of the use of ASPP for ISP load balancing
8/3/04 Georgios Smaragdakis
Nahur Fonseca
A Taxonomy of DoS Attacks and Defense Mechanisms (Talk abstract, and slides.)
8/10/04 No NRG today due to ASWN at Boston University.
8/17/04 Nick Feamster The Case for Seperating Routing from Routers
8/24/04 Renata Teixeira
Network Sensitivity to Intradomain Routing Changes

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