\sen-'so-r-e--*m, -'so.r-\ \-e--*\ n or sensoriums or [LL, sense organ, fr. L sensus sense] pl : the parts of the brain concerned with the reception and interpretation of sensory stimuli; broadly : the entire sensory apparatus

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All of the projects supported by the Sensorium are  targeted at two vertical applications.

RealityWeb OpenSesame


The first application (code-named RealityWeb) seeks to merge the physical and cyber worlds in an integrated, well defined, privacy-protecting manner. It involves the development of a system capable of gathering, interpreting, routing, and storing data from distributed video sensors, and answering Web queries about the physical world.


The second application (code-named OpenSesame) aims to develop assistive environments for people with severe disabilities, to help them gain access to computers, and thereby obtain a tool to communicate with their environments. These applications will unify the various research projects leveraged by the Sensorium by acting as catalysts for the development of generic technologies that could be used (and reused) in other vertical applications.


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