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Real-Time Technology Transfer Success Stories

bullet Volcano -- A Revolution in On-Board Communications, Volvo Technology Report, 1998 (PDF)

Research Tools and Commercial Products for Real-Time Systems

bulletAccelerated Technology Products for Embedded Systems
bulletAllegro Real-Time Operating System
bulletARTISAN Real-time Studio
bulletBrainstorm Object eXecutive
bulletC Executive and PSX
bullet Chimera Real-Time Operating System from Carnegie Mellon University
bulletCsLEOS(tm) Real Time Partitioned Operating System from BAE SYSTEMS
bulletDeSiDeRaTa: QoS Management Tools for Dynamic, Scalable, Dependable, Real-Time Systems 
bulletDistributed Communication Middleware
bulletEncore Real-Time Computing, Inc.
bulletEmbedded Cygnus Operating System (eCos)
bulletEcocentric provider of eCos products and services
bulletReal-Time OS Support from Green Hills Software
bulletFEABHAS Training in Real-Time
bulletHarmony Real-Time System by IIT/NRC Embedded and Realtime Software Tools and Techniques
bulletIlogix' Rhapsody object-oriented analysis and design tool
bulletImagination Systems Inc Real-Time Systems for Windows NT
bulletIntegrated Systems' pSOS RTOS
bullet Industrial TRON RTOS specification for embedded systems
bulletLabtex Data Acquisition and Process Control Systems
bulletReal Fast Hardware Accelerator for Real-Time Kernels
bulletAMX Real-Time Multitasking Kernel by KADAK Products
bullet The Maruti RTOS
bulletKURT Linux for Firm Real-Time Systems
bulletLynx Real-Time Systems
bulletMidART from MERL 
bulletThe ObjecTime Toolset
bulletObjective Interface: Realtime CORBA ORB Products
bulletOSE: An RTOS-family from Enea OSE Systems AB
bulletPower Hawk and Power Unix by Harris Computer Systems
bulletPrecise Software Technologies Inc.
bulletPERTS: Prototyping Environment for Real-Time Systems
bulletPrismTech: Real-Time Embedded CORBA ORBs and CORBA Services
bulletQNX Software Systems
bulletDIAPM Real-Time Application Interface for Linux
bulletRTMX: Real Time IEEE POSIX Operating Systems and Tools
bullet Real-time Mach Operating System from Carnegie Mellon University
bulletRTEMS Executives for Military Systems
bulletRTX Real-time Executive
bulletSMX Modular RTOS
bullet SCRAMNet Network for distributed RT Applications
bullet Statistical Rate Monotonic Analysis and Scheduling Workbench
bulletProject Technology tools for Shlaer-Mellor OO Methodology
bulletSilicon Graphics IRIX REACT and REACT Pro Real-Time Support
bulletTimeWiz and TimeTrace from TimeSys Corporation
bulletThreadx by Express Logic Inc.
bulletTelelogic Tools for Communicating Systems
bulletVenturCom Real-Time Support for Unix and Windows/NT
bulletVRTX from Microtec Research
bulletWind River Systems
bulletThe RED-Linux for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
bulletReal-Time Linux Distribution and Support

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