On-Line Submission Procedure

WCW'01 will be accepting submissions in electronic form ONLY. It is the responsibility of the authors to follow the directions spelled out in the Call for Papers with respect to formatting and paper length. Also, authors should ensure that paper prints correctly (e.g. do not use non-standard fonts, and make sure paper is formatted for A4 size paper). 

Please follow the following steps to submit your paper electronically:

  1. Send an email message to best@cs.bu.edu containing the following in plain ASCII (i.e. no attachments or formatting):
    1. Title of submission
    2. Type of submission (e.g. Technical Paper, R&D Synopses)
    3. Authors (Names, Affiliations, Email Addresses)
    4. Contact Author (Name, Email Address, Telephone, Fax)
    5. Abstract of Submission
    6. Filename of the submission to be uploaded (as described below).


  2. Prepare your submission as a SINGLE file subject to the following guidelines:
    1. Your submission must be in one of the following formats (in decreasing order of preference): 
      1. Acrobat PDF
      2. PostScript
      3. MS Word
    2. The filename of your submission should be <LastNameInitials>-<DateTime>.<FileType>, where:
      1. <LastNameInitials> = Last-name Initials of Authors
      2. <DateTime> = Date and approximate time paper is uploaded using the format "mm:dd-hh:tt"
      3. <FileType> = One of "pdf", "ps", "doc".

      For example, if the authors are John Doe and Jane Doe and the PDF paper is to be uploaded on March 5rd at 10:30pm, then the filename to use should be DD-03:05-22:30.pdf


  3. FTP an electronic copy of your submission to ftp://ftp.cs.bu.edu/pub/submit/wcw01 as detailed below. 
    1. Open an FTP connection to ftp.cs.bu.edu
    2. Login as user "anonymous" and use your email address as a password
    3. Change mode of transfer to "binary" (e.g. type "binary" under Unix FTP shell)
    4. Change directory to /pub/submit/wcw01 (e.g. type "cd /pub/submit/wcw01" under Unix FTP shell)
    5. Upload your paper (e.g. type "put filename" under Unix FTP shell)
    6. Exit


Final Manuscript Preparation

Elsevier will be publishing the workshop proceedings. Detailed instructions are available here. Further questions should be directed to WCW'01 Publications Chair: Valentino Cavalli at cavalli@terena.nl.