Customization Variables for


Default: . (dot)
Character used to mark open (without obstacle) positions in maze.

Default: # (specify as %23)
Character used to mark blocked (those with an obstacle) positions in maze.

Default: S
Character used to mark starting position in maze.

Default: G
Character used to mark goal (end) position in maze.

Default: +
Character used to mark positions along a path being considered as a solution in maze.

Default: x
Character used to mark positions that were considered but rejected as being part of a solution in maze.
Note: The value of this character can affect how the maze algorithm runs. I.e., if you set it to the same character as the open character, it won't mark locations that it has visited before, and thus, may visit those locations more than once (although the algorithm will still eventually finish).

Default: NESW
A string representing the order in which to traverse the maze (N=North, E=East, S=South, W=West). Exactly 4 directions must be specified. They may be upper- or lowercase.



Note: Part of the web page allows users to enter a maze on which to run the algorithm. For entered mazes, whitespace at the end of lines is normally ignored, however, if any of the maze characters (see above) are set to whitespace (e.g., the space [%20]), then trailing whitespace will no longer be ignored.

See additional comments on using customization variables.

BU CAS CS - Customization Variables
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