Telnet, Rlogin and FTP

Remote Logins

Remote logins connect and interact your local systems with a distant computer (called the remote host). The remote host may be in the next room, across the country, or on another continent. In spite of great distances, you can perform the kinds of tasks on the remote computer that you would if it were in the same room with you.

telnet : user interface to a remote system using the TELNET protocol
rlogin : establishes a remote login session from your terminal to the remote machine named hostname
telnet csa

rlogin csa
rlogin -l username
Set DISPLAY environment : set the DISPLAY environment with my host machine to execute GUI applications
setenv DISPLAY host name:0.0
Grep Host name : display the host machine name
env | grep HOST
Grep DISPLAY name grep the DISPLAY environment that is currently set
env | grep DISPLAY
Quit the program

File Transfer Program (FTP)

ftp - guest login

User name : 'ftp' or 'anonymous'
Password : my e-mail address

Commands - These commands will be listed. Please look at the handout from IT, "Transferring Files with FTP".

How to execute ftp or telnet from your PC

BU web resources for FTP

BU CAS CS - Telnet, Rlogin and FTP
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