UNIX Text-Based Applications for Mail, Newsgroups and Web Browsing

Modern web browsers not only allow you to access the world-wide web but also allow you to read and send e-mail and to read and post to newsgroups.

Sometimes when you access a UNIX machine, however, you are not given access via the usual windowing environment:

[Windowing Environment] but instead, just have a single terminal window: [Terminal Window]

in which you can log in and type UNIX commands. With a single terminal window, you cannot necessary run graphical applications like a standard web browser. Here, we will discuss 3 applications that (respectively) allow you to access mail, news and the web via a text-based terminal...

Using Pine for E-mail (slides)
  1. Download the file plumcrisp.txt into your home directory.
  2. Use Pine to send a message to yourself with the file attached.
  3. View the message and its attachment in Pine.

Using Tin for Newsgroups (slides)
  1. Post a short message to the newsgroup bu.test using Tin.
  2. View the message you posted using Tin. (Note: if you are in the group when you post the message, you may not see it until you get out of and then back into the group.)

Using Lynx for Web Browsing (slides)
Exercise: View your course home page using Lynx.

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