Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on 

Web Caching and Content Distribution

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

June 20-22, 2001

Sponsored by

Cisco Systems, Inc., Empowering the Internet Generation (SM)

The Measurement Factory


Volera: Make the Net Fly

Hosted by

Web and InterNetworking Group 
at Boston University


The International Web Content Caching and Distribution Workshop (WCW) is a premiere technical meeting for researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of content caching, distribution and delivery on the Internet. The 2001 WCW meeting was held on the Boston University Campus. Building on the successes of the five previous WCW meetings, WCW01 featured a strong technical program and record participation from leading researchers and practitioners in the field. This report includes all the technical papers presented at WCW'01. 

Note: Proceedings of WCW'01 are published by Elsevier. Hardcopies of these proceedings can be purchased through the workshop organizers. As a service to the community, electronic copies of all WCW'01 papers are accessible through Technical Report BUCS-TR-2001-017, available from the Boston University Computer Science Technical Report Archives at

Table of Contents

A message from WCW Co-Chairs: Azer Bestavros and Michael Rabinovich
Program Committee Members and Reviewers
Session 1: Content Delivery Networks I
Chair: Duane Wessels, Measurement Factory
"The Trickle-Down Effect: Web Caching and Server Request Distribution", Ronald P. Doyle, Jeffrey S. Chase, Syam Gadde, Amin M. Vahdat
"CDN Brokering", Alex Biliris, Chuck Cranor, Fred Douglis, Michael Rabinovich, Sandeep Sibal, Oliver Spatscheck, Walter Sturm
Synopsis: "Web Service Scalability and Performance with Optimising Intermediaries", Mark Nottingham
Session 2: Content Delivery Networks II
Chair: Jeff Chase, Duke University
"Object Replication Strategies in Content Distribution Networks", Jussi Kangasharju, James Roberts, Keith W. Ross
"Topology-Informed Internet Replica Placement", Pavlin Radoslavov, Ramesh Govindan, Deborah Estrin
"A Novel Approach to Managing Consistency in Content Distribution Networks", Zongming Fei
Panel 1: Resolved: Publish no more papers on Web cache replacement policies
Moderator: Jeffrey Mogul, Compaq Western Research Lab 
Panelists: Martin Arlitt, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; Pei Cao,  Cisco Systems; Alex Rousskov, The Measurement Factory; Carey Williamson, University of Saskatchewan
Session 3: Edge and Browser Services
Chair: Mike Dahlin, University of Texas
"Content Services Network: the Architecture and Protocols", Wei-Ying Ma, Bo Shen, and Jack Brassil
"Enabling the Internet to Deliver Content-Oriented Services", Andre Beck, Markus Hofmann
Synopsis: "Evaluating Dynamic Deployment Mechanisms for Application Network Provisioning on the Internet", O. Ardaiz, F. Freitag, L. Navarro
Synopsis: "Expanding the Scope of Prefetching through Inter-Application Cooperation", Amy S. Hughes and Joseph D. Touch
Session 4: Architectures
Chair: Gary Tomlison, Cacheflow
"Instantaneous Offloading of Transient Web Server Load", Vsevolod V. Panteleenko and Vincent W. Freeh
"The Cyclone Server Architecture: Streamlining Delivery of Popular Content", Stanislav Rost, John Byers, Azer Bestavros
Synopsis: "MPLS-based Request Routing", Arup Acharya, Anees Shaikh, Renu Tewari, Dinesh Verma
Panel 2: Content Distribution Internetworking: Vital or Valueless?
Moderator: Mark Day, Cisco Systems
Panelists: Lisa Amini,IBM; Brad Cain, Cereva; Fred Douglis, AT&T; Dave Farber, Digital Island; Avi Freedman, Akamai; Phil Rzewski, Inktomi
Session 5: Prefetching
Chair: Valentino Cavali, Terena
"Provably Efficient Stream Merging", E.G. Coffman, Jr. Predrag Jelenkovic, Petar Momcilovic
"The potential costs and benefits of long-term prefetching for content distribution", Arun Venkataramani, Praveen Yalagandula, Ravi Kokku, Sadia Sharif, Mike Dahlin
"Assertion: Prefetching With GET is Not Good", Brian D.Davison
Panel 3: Rule-Based Active Edge Services
Moderator: Micah Beck, University of Tennessee & Lokomo Systems
Panelists: Markus Hofmann, Lucent Technologies; Wei-Ying Ma, Microsoft Research China; Mark Nottingham, Akamai Technologies
Session 6: Workload Characterization
Chair: Mark Crovella, Boston University
"Thin-Client Web Access Patterns: Measurements from a Cache-Busting Proxy", Terence Kelly
"Analysis of Web Workloads Using the Bootstrap Methodology", Johnson Lee, William Miniscalco, Meng Li, W. David Shambroom, John Buford
"Analyzing the Impact of Robots on Performance of Web Caching Systems", V. Almeida, D. Menasce, R. Riedi, F. Peligrinelli, R. Fonseca, W. Meira Jr.
Session 7: Performance Measurement
Chair: Craig Wills, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Using a Proxy to Measure Client-Side Web Performance", Richard Liston, Ellen Zegura
"The Medusa Proxy: A Tool For Exploring User-Perceived Web Performance", Mimika Koletsou, Geoffrey M. Voelker
"Comparative measurements of Internet traffic using cache-triangle", Serge A. Krashakov and Lev N. Shchur
Session 8: Streaming Media Delivery
Chair: Abdelsalam Heddaya, Infolibria
"An Interactive Video Delivery and Caching System Using Video Summarization", Sung-Ju Lee, Wei-Ying Ma, and Bo Shen
"Joint Server Scheduling and Proxy Caching for Video Delivery", Olivier Verscheure, Chitra Venkatramani, Pascal Frossard and Lisa Amini