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Fundamentals of Computing Systems

Grading (except for the final exam) is done by a number of class graders, under the direct supervision of the Teaching Fellow and the Instructor. If you have an issue with a grade (homework or exam), please contact the Teaching Fellow. If your issue is not resolved, then (and only then) please contact the Instructor. In doing so, please note that (to ensure fairness and grading consistency) it is seldom the case that the Instructor will overrule the Teaching Fellow.

This class is NOT graded on a curve. This means that if everybody in the class is an A-student, then everybody will get an A. The converse is also true! Therefore, don't be satisfied with an "average" grade because that average could well be less than what you expect! In previous years, the average grade for this class was between a C+ and a B-, which is low compared to other classes in CS.

Being a "gate" to all other (more advanced) CS "systems" classes (e.g. CS550, CS552, CS555, CS560, etc.), you should expect this class to be competitive. Thus, make sure you work hard from the very beginning!

Grade Breakdown:
The final class grade will be broken down as follows:

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