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The set of papers included below is a large superset of papers to be considered for the seminar. Thus, this page should be considered as a "kitchen sink" of papers  (i.e., inclusion of a paper on this page does not imply a vote of confidence in its quality/significance). 

The topical classification below is very rough and for many papers may not even be accurate. A smaller subset of the papers (with more accurate classification and reliable URLs) have been identified as candidates for presentation and are included on a separate reading list page. The final set of papers to be presented will be included on the schedule page.




Visions and Dreams!




Design and Implementation Issues


TinyOS and Motes

Networking Architecture and Services

Programming Languages and Abstractions

Programming Tools and System Development Resources


Evaluation Issues


Modeling and Simulation

  • Philip Levis, Nelson Lee, Matt Welsh, and David Culler. TOSSIM: Accurate and Scalable Simulation of Entire TinyOS Applications, In Proceedings of the First ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) 2003, November 2003.

Control and Analysis of Hybrid Systems


Topological Issues


Topology Control and Maintenance


Location Services and Techniques


Data Manipulation Issues


Storage, Indexing and Querying

Abstract Data Structures

Dissemination and Diffusion

In-Network Stream Manipulation


Coordination Issues


Synchronization and Calibration

Distributed Algorithms for Coordination and Self-Organization


Cross-Cutting Issues



Reliability and Fault Tolerance