About the Instructor

Azer Bestavros received his S.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University in 1988 and 1992, respectively.  He is an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Computer Science at Boston University, where he conducts research on Networking, Internet/Web Protocols and Systems, and Real-Time Communication and Systems. Professor Bestavros has co-edited three books and has authored or co-authored in excess of 90 refereed technical publications. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Newsletter of the IEEE-CS TC on Real-Time Systems and the General Chair of the IEEE Real-Time Technology and Application Symposium.  Professor Bestavros' past course offerings included Introduction to Computer Science, Fundamentals of Computing Systems, the introductory and advanced Computer Architecture courses, in addition to various seminars on Real-Time and Networked Information Systems. Professor Bestavrosí research is funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, the Army Research Office, GTE, and Microsoft. Professor Bestavrosí professional activities include his consulting work for a number of industrial labs and Internet startups.

About the Teaching Fellow

Mina Guirgis received his Bachelor degree from the Department of Computer Science and Automatic Control, Alexandria University in 1999. From August 1999 to August 2000, he has been working as a software developer for Sakhr Software Company, Egypt. He has also been working for General Motors in Detroit as a Software developer. Since January 2000, he has been a PhD student working under the supervision of Professor Azer Bestavros.