High Resolution Moth Flight (HRMF) Dataset

Sample images from the HRMF dataset

Dataset Overview The HRMF dataset captures the flight of an individual Hawkmoth engaged in hovering flight.
Size 800 frames
Camera A single 28mm visible light camera which produces 16 bit grayscale images
Spatial Resolution 600 x 800 pixels (rows x columns)
Temporal Resolution 400 frames per second
Annotations Overview To facilitate computer vision experimentation we provide several types of annotations.
Part/Landmark Localizations For approximately 400 frames we provide the positions of four key landmarks. The head, abdomen tip, left wing tip, and right wing tip.
Segmentations For all frames we provide segmentations.

License All of the following data are shared under the CC-BY License. See the license link for details.
Readme Detailed explanation of data available for download.
Raw Data (~410 MB) 800 frames in 16 bit png format.
Part Annotations (.mat) Annotations in the form of a .mat file, which can be opened with Matlab.
Part Annotations (.txt) Annotations in the form of a .txt file
Segmentations 800 binary segmentations in 8 bit png format

As mentioned earlier, the above data are licensed under the CC-BY license. If you use this data in your work please include a reference to this webpage. If these resources are helpful for your research please include citations to the following works, without which this dataset would not be available.
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