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  abstract	= {We propose a scheme for routing in arbitrary network connectivity graphs, based on greedy routing and utilizing virtual node coordinates. In dynamic multihop packet-switching communication networks, routing elements can join or leave during network operation or exhibit intermittent failures. We present an algorithm for online greedy graph embedding in the hyperbolic plane that enables incremental embedding of network nodes as they join the network, without disturbing the global embedding. Even a single link or node removal may invalidate the greedy routing success guarantees in network embeddings based on an embedded spanning tree subgraph. As an alternative to frequent reembedding of temporally dynamic network graphs in order to retain the greedy embedding property, we propose a simple but robust generalization of greedy distance routing called Gravity--Pressure (GP) routing. Our routing method always succeeds in finding a route to the destination provided that a path exists, even if a significant fraction of links or nodes is removed subsequent to the embedding. GP routing does not require precomputation or maintenance of special spanning subgraphs and, as demonstrated by our numerical evaluation, is particularly suitable for operation in tandem with our proposed algorithm for online graph embedding.}