Computational Biology

[Leiserson et al., 2018]
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Mark D. M. Leiserson, Jason Fan, Anthony Cannistra, Inbar Fried, Tim Lim, Thomas Schaffner, Mark Crovella and Benjamin Hescott (2018).
A Multi-Species Functional Embedding Integrating Sequence and Network Structure.
In: Proceedings of RECOMB. Paris, France. Code for this method is available at link below. doi:
[Cao et al., 2013]
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Mengfei Cao, Hao Zhang, Jisoo Park, Noah Daniels, Mark Crovella, Lenore Cowen and Benjamin Hescott (2013).
Going the Distance for Protein Function Prediction: A New Distance Metric for Protein Interaction Networks.
In: PLOS One, 8(10):e76339. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0076339