CS 537 Home Page - Fall - 2013

Welcome to the home page for the Computer Science Department's Graduate Randomized Algorithms course CLA CS 537. This is the starting point for online course information and documentation.

Here is the most recent CS 537 Course News.

Here is the current draft of homework, due on Moxnday, April 29 at the start of class.

and past homeworks: HW1, homework 2, homework 3, homework 4, homework 5.

Here you can find some solutions for hw2, and some solutions for hw4. Here is an overview of course policy.

CS 537 is the central graduate algorithms course in the computer science curriculum. It serves as the a core graduate theory course. It is the successor to the undergraduate algorithms course, CS 330, and has this course as a prerequisite. In CS 530 students will learn fundamental algorithm design and algorithm analysis at the graduate level. The following list of pointers provides access to information concerning the course, the students and the instructors.

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