Gene Itkis


  Update: I am no longer working at BU - as of summer 2009 I have joined MIT LL.


Past Teaching:

The courses I have taught include:

CS558 - Network Security
CS235 - Algebraic Algorithms
CS113 - Combinatorial Structures
CS538 - Cryptography
CS330 - Algorithms
CS112 - Intro to CS II with C++
CS113 - Intro to CS I&II with C++ (no longer offered)
CS591 - Seminar on Internet Security


I am interested in various research topics in the area of information security and applied cryptography. Of particular interest to me is fault-tolerant cryptography - how cryptography can protect itself against compromises and key-exposures.

See my papers and/or CV (web- or printer- friendlier version) for details (here are also intuitive explanations for some of my earlier work and also citations of my papers - over 950 as of May 2009).

Between my post-doc and subsequent return to academia I worked for NDS - a company which used smart-cards to provide security for various applications (largely pay-TV).
While in the industry I was also actively involved in the work related to content protection. In particular, I contributed to the Intellectual Property Management and Protection (IPMP) work within MPEG-4 standard.

ACeS Reasearch Group: I founded the Boston University Applied Crypto & e-Security (ACeS) Lab.

A reading group on Network Security and Cryptography will run under ACeS auspices. Please check that page (in particular, see the ACeS mailing list info).

Industry Talks Series: I hosted Industry Talks Series (ITS) under the auspices of the Industry Affiliation Program (IAP).
The target audience of this Series is the undergraduate and MA students, and its goal is to expose them to the challenges the industry will present to them and helping the students to better prepare for these challenges.