Grading (subject to change)

70% - Homework
30% - Final

Late assignments:

No late assignments will be accepted. This allows me in particular to discuss the solutions right after the homework is submitted.

Re-grading Policy:

  1. Attempts to cheat on this will be reported. See Academic Conduct.
  2. If you find a possible grading error, or just have a question about the grading, please submit to me the homework with a brief note containing your question/request. I will then pass it to the grader, and then return to you the grader's response. If you are still unhappy about the grade, you can complain to me directly. At that point I will re-grade the hw completely - this may result in the grade change in either direction. Please do inform me of any problems you may have with the grading (or the course in general) at the earliest time possible, so I can address the problems in a timely fashion. This is to assure maximum fairness and consistency.
This policy will be strictly enforced, however if your case does not fall neatly into one of these categories, it will be handled separately, and will possibly be included in a revised version of this policy.