CS 112 - Introduction to CS II - Spring 2015

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Staff Contact Information

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Wayne Snyder
      Email: waysnyder@gmail.com

     Office: MCS 147
     Office Hours: T 2:30-4 (see here for my office hours for general CS issues)
      Cell Phone: 617 - 966 - (210 + 41) (email vastly preferred)

Teaching Fellows:

Wenxin Feng (wenxinf@bu.edu) (lab sections A2, A3, A7, A8)

Bachuan Zhou (baichuan@bu.edu) (lab sections A4, A5, A6, A9)

Course Assistants and Labs

  • A2 (Thurs 2-3): Amalia Safer (asafer@bu.edu)
  • A3 (Thurs 3-4): Kyle Mann (kmann@bu.edu)
  • A4 (Thurs 4-5): Mahir Gulrajani (mahirkg@bu.edu)
  • A5 (Thurs 5-6): Andrew Tarrh (atarrh@bu.edu
  • A6 (Fri 9-10): Beth Becker (bethb42@bu.edu)
  • A7 (Fri 11-12): Monica Martin (monicamm@bu.edu)
  • A8 (Thurs 6-7): Viviana Yee (vivyee@bu.edu)
  • A9 (Fri 3-4): Sridevi Suresh (sridevis@bu.edu)



Course Schedule

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Lecture Topic
Readings (Java = "Java in a Nutshell")
Lecture Slides and Code Examples
Homeworks and Tests
T 1/20

Overview of Course & Course Policies; Motivational Lecture: Two algorithms for searching an array---algorithm, implementation, analysis, and experiments




R 1/22 Introduction to Java: compilation vs interpretation, expression-oriented vs statement-oriented, and types.

Read Ch. 1 of Java; and start to look at Ch. 2 up through expressions


Used the board and Dr. Java!




Lab 01: HTML
T 1/27 Snow Day!    


3 R 1/29 Java continued: increment and decrement operators, control structures Continue to read Chapter 2 through the material on increment/decrement operators (++ and --) and control structures (emphasize if, while, and for); be sure to read about break and continue. Used the board and Dr. Java! HW02: HTML Lab 02: HTML

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