Homework Submission for CS 112


To submit assignment files, login to our WebSubmit page at the following URL: http://cs-websubmit.bu.edu

You will need to type your BU login name and Kerberos password (the one you use for the StudentLink). Then use the drop-down menu to select the course (cs112) and again, use the menu to select the homework you are submitting (e.g.,, hw01), and click the "Go to project page" button. Then just specify the filenames you want to upload (at most 5 at a time). You may revise any file up to the deadline by re-uploading a file with the same name. The date of your submission is the date of the last submitted file: do not upload files after the deadline, or you will be charged with a late submission.

Make sure that you are submitting all files required--it is an excellent idea to develop each homework in a separate folder, so that when you submit, you can submit all .java files necessary.

DO NOT submit .class or .java~ files and submit all files into the hw01, hw02, etc. directories:

If you do not submit all necessary files, then your program may not compile and you will receive a hefty penalty.